Willow Heart Resonance Grail

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Introducing the ‘Willow Heart Resonance Grail—an 8-inch practitioner bowl resonating at the F note in Octave 3, from the esteemed Sacred Grail Collection. This divine creation stands as a dedication to Green Tara, embracing the hues of willow green, resonating directly with the heart chakra and its profound opening.

This sacred vessel embodies an aura of transformative energy, mirroring the swift and powerful healing energy associated with Green Tara. With a frequency that instantly connects to the heart, this bowl radiates powerful vibrations, fostering a deep resonance that aligns with the heartbeat of the universe.

Green Tara, revered in Tibetan Buddhism as the embodiment of compassion and swift action, mirrors the bowl’s attributes. Just as Green Tara swiftly answers the calls for aid, the ‘Willow Heart Resonance Grail’ instantaneously connects with the practitioner’s heart, initiating a healing journey that is both swift and profound.

The resonating tones of this bowl not only harmonize but also uplift and heal, creating an environment conducive to heart chakra activation and energetic alignment. As practitioners immerse themselves in its powerful vibrations, they are guided through a transformative journey akin to the swift energy of Green Tara.

Elevate your healing practice and spiritual journey with the ‘Willow Heart Resonance Grail,’ a vessel dedicated to Green Tara, resonating with powerful vibrations that swiftly connect, heal, and open the heart—ushering in transformative energy reminiscent of the compassionate and swift action of Green Tara.


99.9% quartz crystal

Willow Green

Approximately 8”

F note


Additional Notes:

  • Bowls are made to order, and slight variations in size and color may occur.
  • Estimated delivery period: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Each bowl comes with:
    • One (1) Silicone O-ring
    • One (1) Tailor-made padded bag
    • One (1) Suede stick mallet
    • One (1) Silicone crystal mallet
  • Packaging and shipping: Securely packed with bubble wrap and carton box. We will advise you on the shipping fees once you place your order. Estimated cost for a single bowl delivery as per below:
    • Peninsular Malaysia: USD 13
    • East Malaysia: USD 35
    • Singapore: USD 48
    • USA: USD 125
    • Canada: USD 135
    • Philippines: USD 80
    • UK: USD 120
    • Italy: USD 120

You can also opt for self collection once the bowl is ready from our studio in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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