Sekhmet’s Cosmic Flame Grail



Presenting the ‘Sekhmet’s Cosmic Flame Grail—an entrancing 6.75-inch practitioner bowl resonating at the C note in the 4th Octave, a pivotal offering within the esteemed grail series. This radiant vessel embodies a saffron hue infused with cosmic hues, symbolizing the convergence of earthly resonance and celestial energies, paying homage to the fiery essence of Goddess Sekhmet.

Saffron, reminiscent of divine flames, deeply resonates with the sacral and root chakras, channeling the essence of vitality and transformative fire. Infused with cosmic hues, it signifies a harmonious blend, bridging the earthly with the cosmic—a convergence of grounding and expansive energies.

Aligned with the vibrational frequencies of Goddess Sekhmet, the ‘Sekhmet’s Cosmic Flame Grail’ channels her transformative power in healing and spiritual evolution. Sekhmet, revered for her potent healing and transformative magic, guides practitioners through a journey of profound healing, inner strength, and spiritual transformation.

This sacred grail, entwined with the resonating tones of Goddess Sekhmet, serves as a conduit for grounding and realignment, fostering a fusion of foundational energies. As individuals immerse themselves in its resonant melodies and cosmic-infused saffron hues, they embark on a transformative odyssey, embracing Sekhmet’s healing energies to heal and realign.

Elevate your spiritual voyage with the ‘Sekhmet’s Cosmic Flame Grail,’ an embodiment intricately woven with saffron and cosmic hues. Its transformative energies, guided by the essence of Goddess Sekhmet, ground, realign, and ignite a cosmic connection—fostering renewed passion, healing, and spiritual evolution for those seeking the embrace of Sekhmet’s divine flames.”


99.9% quartz crystal


Approximately 6.75”

C note


Additional Notes:

  • Bowls are made to order, and slight variations in size and color may occur.
  • Estimated delivery period: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Each bowl comes with:
    • One (1) Silicone O-ring
    • One (1) Tailor-made padded bag
    • One (1) Suede stick mallet
    • One (1) Silicone crystal mallet
  • Packaging and shipping: Securely packed with bubble wrap and carton box. We will advise you on the shipping fees once you place your order. Estimated cost for a single bowl delivery as per below:
    • Peninsular Malaysia: USD 13
    • East Malaysia: USD 35
    • Singapore: USD 48
    • USA: USD 125
    • Canada: USD 135
    • Philippines: USD 80
    • UK: USD 120
    • Italy: USD 120

You can also opt for self collection once the bowl is ready from our studio in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Order yours today and awaken the symphony within!