The Star Equilibrium Pendant (750 Gold With Diamond)



The Star Equilibrium Pendant reminds us that the purpose of the human soul, just like our Star (the Sun), is to achieve balance and maintain equilibrium, resulting in the true wealth of spiritual abundance.

Why This Could Be For You:

  • This beautiful symbol of wealth & protection consists of the overlay of 2 triangles (one pointing upwards and the other downwards) symbolizing equilibrium, the meeting of the yin yang & perfect balance of water and fire elements.
  • The geometry of the 3-D overlapping and interweaving triangles also represents completion, accomplishment & success with the geometry of the triangle signifying the endless interconnectedness of the Cosmic Trinity & Mind/Body/Spirit.
  • The seed syllable BAM sitting in the center is a symbol of transcendent wealth & abundance also representing the 3 components of the universe – The Cosmic Trinity of Heaven, Earth & Man. The components of the circle, crescent and bottom “Ba” syllable also represent the trinity of our earthly existence: Mind, Body and Spirit (soul).
  • Through the Art of Conscious Living, the wearing of this incredibly meaningful pendant can serve as a powerful reminder of striving towards true wealth and success through wisdom in decisions & action.

750 (18k) Yellow & White Gold with Diamond


Care Tips: 
Maintain your jewelry’s sparkle by simple cleaning with soap and lukewarm water occasionally. Keep your jewelry piece stored in its box when not in use.