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2018 Earth Dog Annual Talk (3rd Febuary 2018) KL English

2018 Earth Dog Annual Talk (3rd Febuary 2018) KL English

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“Clarity affords focus. Without clarity, life becomes a blur.”

This comprehensive talk will equip you with all the knowledge you need to keep you focused and make 2018 the most rewarding year for you.  Some key aspects you’ll learn:

1. What 2018 means for you.

- Overall outlook of the year.
- Find out which fields will thrive (or suffer) and how to make the best out of the current economic situation.

2.Chinese Astrology (Bazi)

- Overall forecast for 2018 based on all 12 animal signs and how it'll impact your year based on your personal date and time of birth.
- Focusing on YOUR individual Bazi, learn exactly what to expect and look out for in 2018, and how to maximize both your professional and personal potential for the year.

3. Feng Shui Tips

- Discover the best sectors for wealth, health and relationships and how you can benefit from it.
- The dos and don’ts when it comes to Feng Shui 
- How to improve your personal and professional relationships and status.

4. Date Selections

- Get the best dates for prayers and for receiving the God of Wealth and the God of Noblemen.
- Find out which auspicious dates after Chinese New Year are most suitable for you to resume work.
- Identify which are the best and most auspicious Feng Shui dates for various activation including wealth enhancement, health improvement and relationships to ensure you enjoy the most favorable outcome in every situation.

All these and MORE, to be revealed on 

Saturday, 3rd February 2018 (English session with Traxxfm morning show dj Kong Eu)

Sunday, 4th February 2018 (Cantonese session with Onefm morning show dj Nicholas Ong)

– Don't miss out on this event that'll transform your life! 
Remember that destiny are not fated. No one can tell us how our lives will end. We can always create our own destiny and path if we get a better clarity of ourselves. Our strengths, weaknesses and HOW to improve and maximize on them. Every year we have certain main learning curves in store for us.... thanks to our stars! Imagine how much easier we can get to our goals / destinations if we have tools to help us navigate along. Think of it as your own personal GPS system :) Join me on this event to know about your own "GPS" system for 2018! As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed! See you there !

Seminar Details:

Date: 3rd February 2018 (Sat) English Session
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm (Registration starts at 9:00am)
Venue: Bentley Auditorium, Wisma Bentley Music, Mutiara Damansara

Special Early Bird Discount: RM 88*(Until 15th January 2018)

Normal Price: RM 128

Please be reminded to print your astrology chart before the seminar day